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About Us

The poetry of God

Kashmir, the Queen of North India is often compared to paradise because of the beauty of its nature and the rich culture. The place is filled with strong pine trees, the gushing water, the calling of spirituality and vibrant far spread fields, smelling of the aromatic saffron. No wonder, no person can leave behind the extravagant and picturesque frame of this divine beauty on Earth. Kashmir welcomes you with a rich heritage, ancient culture and splendid food dishes prepared with hot spices and unique flavors followed by the spiritual valleys that lead to tranquility.

Heavenly delicious affair

The Kashmir valley was evolved a hundred years ago, and until today the valleys smell of the rich aroma of saffron and make you travel to a state of calmness and abundance. The heavenly affair just does not stop at the beautiful valleys, trees and lakes, it continues and reaches the delightful Kashmiri cuisine. The irresistible cuisine consists of Gushtaba, Dum aloo, Kabargah, Choq Wangun served lavishly along with refreshing raitas and chutney. We look forward to welcoming you with all of these abundant options of food and our warm hospitality.


The Chef

Chef Razdan, with more than 25 years of expertise, is a native of Kashmir and is keen to bring a new speciality Indian cuisine to the fresh and vibrant Putney community. After successfully establishing his business in India he embarked on a journey in Singapore to bring the exotic recipes from the Kashmir Valley & New Delhi’s delectable & mouthwatering cuisine and has now finally stepped in London.

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