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A Culinary Paradise

‘Kashmir – A Culinary Paradise will be opening its first authentic Kashmiri Restaurant in London in one of the pleasantest of the London suburbs, as well as the most accessible “Putney” in April 2016.

The restaurant which serves a mouthwatering array of authentic Kashmiri and North Indian cuisine served its long esteemed list of clients from New Delhi in 1999 to the Grand opening on 15th August 2007 in Singapore and successfully turned many diners into addicts who have returned to enjoy the dazzling menu and service. Kashmir has indeed left a vaccum for Good indian food for the numerous diners still craving for its food in Singapore, including the famous Jools Holland and Nikki Snelson.

Food and service, the indispensable ingredients to make one return to a restaurant are remarkably managed by Chef Razdan, and Shweta Razdan, a husband and wife duo who are always present to welcome the guests and assist them in carefully selecting the dished to suit their palate. They believe in the old age Adage “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means “Guest is God”

Right from the moment you step in you can enjoy the warm hospitality of the Kashmir Valley. When the diners are comfortably seated, they ceremoniously wash the hands at the table in true kashmiri style in an ornate vessel called Tashtri. The menu boasts of a splendid variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian gourmet dishes, the Kashmiri dishes are highlighted with the restaurant’s logo, a Chinar tree leaf that adds to the beauty of the valley by its sheer abundance.

The food is prepared fresh for every order without any use of MSG and food colors. The dishes ranges from Spicy to mild dishes made in yoghurt based curry to choose every diners palate. The courteous staffs are at service just when the diners need them and leave them to enjoy the fine taste in the tranquil ambience. The cuisine goes easy on butter and dairy ingredients like curd, milk and paneer (cottage cheese) nuts so anyone with any food allergies can make special requests which the staff will be happy to accommodate.

The Signature dish of the restaurant is Kabargah, ribs of lamb boiled in milk along with an assortment of fine Kashmiri spices and deep fried, this is the best accompaniment for beer served in the restaurant. It goes well as a starter too. Roganjosh a curry cooked in spicy red sauce is a hit with the lamb lovers, and was the first time to be introduced in Singapore. Other than these there is a delectable range of chicken, mutton and Fish based dishes which are tastefully prepared and presented. Many of the dishes do not include onion and garlic, an influence of Buddhist and Kashmiri Pundit cuisine. Every dish is served with unique garnishing, which renders more to the taste and fragrance.

The Kong Kehva is a green tea flavored with saffron, cardamom, and almonds, is another Kashmiri specialty and a starlet in the menu served from the traditional Samavar.

Chef Razdan, the master chef with more than 25 years of expertise, who evokes the culinary paradise of Kashmir here is a native of Kashmir and is keen to bring a new speciality Indian cuisine to the fresh and vibrant Putney community.

After successfully establishing his business in India he embarked on a journey in Singapore to bring the exotic recipes from the Kashmir Valley & New Delhi’s delectable & mouthwatering cuisine and had now finally stepped in London, a destination where he longed to set his mark since his early days. He personally supervises selction of all the ingredients from spices to the meat & seafood supplies to ensure they are of the best quality and right cut. In the chef’s own words “Our logo, the Chinar leaf epitomizes our motto in serving food that is appealing to the eyes, appetizingly aromatic to the nose and ecstatic to the taste buds, thus pleasing the three senses of the diners”

“We are here to make our customers come back for more, so we ensure a courteous service to win their hearts along with their palates. Our prices are quite moderate and portions are filling. Both the locals and the visitors will be charmed by the truly authentic spread of Kashmiri cuisine which is hard to find. We are keen to make every dining experience of our patrons a truly luscious moment. We are sure to shine bright in this Galaxy of Indian Resturants in London”.

Enthralled by the beauty of the Kashmir Valley the famous Mughal emperor Jehangir exclaimed “If there be a paradise on Earth, it is this, it is this, it is this!”, enticed by the food and service fit for the royalty the diners are sure to say “if there be a culinary paradise on earth it is here, it is here, it is here!”

Location: 18 Lacy Road , Putney London SW15 1NL

Hours: 11:30am – 3pm and 6:30 pm – 11pm

Service: Lunch & Dinner


A Culinary Paradise

‘Kashmir – A Culinary Paradise will be opening its first authentic Kashmiri Restaurant in London

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